Hybrid City Lighting

A research project for the city of tomorrow

Hybrid city lighting 1

In my master course we had the idea to improve the safety of pedestrians by using the regular lighting systems of a city. We were able to present our ideas at the Cyberworlds Conference 2015 in Visby (Sweden) and at the MUC – Mensch und Computer Stuttgart (Germany).

The abstract of our paper:

Although digital revolution has pervaded almost every part of daily life, cities remained seemingly analogue and furthermore inhabitants are mostly excluded from the digital layer.

By using established infrastructure of city lights we try to ensure that our concept can be implemented in the most simple and realistic way: Our intention is to project content on pavement by replacing timeworn light bulbs with a projector linked with an intelligent sensor array. With this approach we expect to increase social interaction within open spaces by creating a more engaging way through the city and reduce the use of distracting and separating mobile devices.

Considering the increasing wish for safety as well as present accident statistics, society faces the necessity to support the needs of their weakest traffic participants – pedestrians. As for today we propose several applications to support pupils having a safe way to school and back, to highlight danger zones to prevent accidents and to guide large crowds in an increasingly complex city. We want to provide a more economical, safer and smarter way to lighten up the way through future cities.

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More information here: www.hybrid-city-lighting.de

The full paper can be accessed on Researchgate: HCL on Reasearchgate