Project Ideal Spaces

Remodeling Tony Garnier's »Cité industrielle« from the 1920s


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Renderings from the art project "Ideal Spaces Working Group" (please have a look at the website:, part of the exhibition "Time Space Existence at the Venice Biennale Architettura 2016 at Palazzo Mora. Because of the still running exhibition I can not show full movies or more still images. At the end of November 2016 I try to update this page. DONE, have a look!.

One of the habitat districts. Extreme instancing was necessary to render the camera movements.

TonyGarnier Cite Industrielle 3D

Garnier1 funktionale stadt0344

The Salle d'Assemblage and the opera.

Tony Garnier Salle d Assemblage 1

Detail of the Salle d'Assemblage.

Garnier City Centre Font QUER

The swimming hall, the opara and the library. In the background the Salle d'Assemblage and the rest of the city.

Tony garnier whole city 02 website

All renderings were made with the standard render engine of Cinema 4D R16/R17. We had to avoid any Global Illumination due to the very tight timeframe for the rendertime. So we had to do a lot of "faking" i.e. some data in the luminance-channels of each material etc.